Our mission is to maximize the value of each work of art in our inventory and equally share that opportunity with all participants in our ecosystem.


Our ultimate intention is to leverage both the power of NFT’s (Non- Fungible Tokens) and existing trading market structures, to sell our valuable art at varying levels of participation, while providing a certification system providing genuine provenance to owners for maximum protection of asset value and ultimate freedom to receive value in exchange.


Black Dragon is a Next Generation High Value Art Dealer swiftly growing on the tides of market demand expressed through digitized certification of ownership otherwise knowTn as NFT, or Non-Fungible Token.


Black Dragon Collection is comprised of art assets which are works of original, sanctioned pieces in varying forms, comprised of some of the most famous, exclusive and desirable expressions of man’s creative genius in the world. All of our art is appraised, insured, bonded, secured and owned by Black Dragon with
exquisite provenance displayed with each piece in our museum, catalogue and varying exhibits on display around the world today.


Our purpose is to open ownership of our fine art, some of the most sought-after piecesin the world, to more people interested in owning exclusive art, and in fact, joining andpreserving a place in history by entering the provenance chain of our exclusive,sanctioned, and beautiful collection.

Black Dragon is a fully reporting public company with an extensive and fluid asset base of exclusive valuable art capitalizing the company intrinsically providing value basis throughout our entire ecosystem. Our business is the sale of such art conducted in a manner designed to preserve and maximize the value of our assets. We provide distinct value to each purchaser of our fine collection today and into the future with the security of existing market aspects while unleashing digital freedom to benefit individually from tomorrow’s demand.